Total RCC Cast Solutions

Total RCC Cast concrete building systems in which architectural and structural RCC Cast concrete components are combined to create the entire building,  are becoming the format of choice for many construction teams.

Total RCC Cast Solution Benefit are the:

1. Owner

In any organization, the focal points advantage each individual from the development group- especially the owner, whose goals are always paramount.

1. Speed to Market  5. High Quality 9. Low Maintenance 
2. Early Input 6. Energy Efficient  10. Safety
3. Meets USDA Surface Standards 7. Strong Image  11. Smooth & Ledge Free Finishes
4. Effective Pricing  8. Fire Resistant  12. Noise Control 

 2. Architect

Total RCC Cast concrete systems provide specific advantages to architects that make the design process smoother.

1. Aesthetic Variety- May options for color and finishes including thin brick, acid etch, sandblast, waterwash, formliners, and features 7. Comprehensive Design And Drawing Support
8. Reduce Construction Time 
9. Load Bearing Wall System Saves Money 
2. Strong Finish Approval Process  10. Green Design 
3. Comprehensive Design And Drawing Support  11. Efficient Design 
4. Reduces Construction Time  12. Interior design Flexibility 
5. High Performance/ Energy Efficient Wall System  13. Tight Floor-To-Floor Heights
6. Strong Finish Approval Process  14. Easy to Implement Design 

 3. Contractor 

General contractors find RCC Cast concrete components make their job easier at the site, ensuring a smooth process for the owner and designer in both the short and long terms.

1. Safety- Fewer trades on-site  5. Fire Resistant/ Fireproofing 
2. Construction Speed 6. Smooth Erection 
3. All-weather Construction  7. Safety 
4. Foundation Aid  8. Green construction 

 4. Engineer 

Structural engineers report no difficulty in learning to design with total RCC Cast concrete systems. They additionally advantage from the material's usability and effectiveness

1. SCC, Lightweight & High Strength Concrete Mix  5. Easy Handling 
2. All-in-One-Components  6. Lateral Design Flexibility 
3. Clean Spans to 110 7. Easy Colom and Beam Support 
4. Comprehensive Design and Drawing Support  8. Temperature control formulation